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NNU rapportblad ohe 1, 2002

118 år, heraf ca. 67 splintår. 
1571-1688 e.Kr., efter ca. 1690 e.Kr. 

97 år, heraf ca. 49 splintår - barkkant. 
1576-1672 e.Kr., 1672 e.Kr.

133 år, heraf ca. 60 splintår - barkkant 
1533-1665 e.Kr., 1665 e.Kr.

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English summary:

NNU report sheet ohe 1, 2002


Timbers from wharf
Three samples of Pinus sp., pine were examined. One sample is dated. The sample, which was dated, has c. 67 years of sapwood. The outermost preserved tree-ring was formed in AD 1688. The border between heartwood and sapwood can be hard to determine on pine. Furthermore the number of sapwood-rings varies considerably from tree to tree (from 30-80 years). On this basis, the felling date for the tree, from which the sample comes, is estimated to the end of the 16 hundreds. The curves from the two undated samples cross-match (t = 10.31) and are averaged to form a mean curve (2150M001) of 140 years.

It has now been possible to date the two samples which did not date back in 2002, as the laboratory now possesses new reference curves for pine wood. Since the two samples both have wain-edge preserved they are dated accordingly to AD 1672 (21500029) and AD 1665 (21500039). The mean curve 2150M001, formed by 21500029 and 21500039 covers the period AD 1233-1672.

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