Dendrokronologisk Laboratorium

NNU rapportblad ohe 6, 2002

A8254 Østergade 13 synkroniseringer mod referencekurver
Finland, finpinus 4.36
Svendborg-Sverige, fyrsven2 5,29
Helsingland, helpin01 5.02
Dalarna, stb00002 3.48
Jämtland, stbpin02 3.93
Uppland, upppin01 3.48

A16, KBM 2484, P10 
167 år, heraf ca. 57 splintår. 
1355-1521 e.Kr., ca. 1521-1550 e.Kr.  

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English summary:

NNU report sheet ohe 6, 2002


One sample of Pinus sp., pine were examined. The sample, which was dated, has 167 tree rings of which c. 57 rings are of sapwood. The outermost preserved tree-ring was formed in AD 1521. The border between heartwood and sapwood can be hard to determine on pine. Furthermore the number of sapwood rings varies considerably from tree to tree (from 30-80 years). Therefore, the felling date for the tree, from which the sample comes, is estimated to be the first half the 1500's after AD 1521.

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