Dendrokronologisk Laboratorium

NNU rapportblad ohe 7, 2002

KBM 2525, x20 
157 år, heraf ca. 77 splintår + barkkant. 
Ikke dateret.  
KBM 2525, x21 
117 år, kun keneved ? 
Ikke dateret.

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English summary:

NNU report sheet ohe 7, 2002


Timber from excavation
Two samples of Pinus sp., pine were examined. The samples, one of which has bark-ring preserved, were not dated. Neither is it possible to cross-match the curves from the samples internally.

Pine trees can under certain circumstances fail to form a complete tree-ring. Such a ring can only be observed if some ring formations has occurred right at the place where the sample is taken. On one of the samples there is a spot with a cellular structure which could be a such ring. An attempt to put in an extra tree-ring in the tree-curve in that position, did not produce any result. It is possible, that there were more of these missing tree-rings on the trees, from which the samples come.

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