Dendrokronologisk Laboratorium

NNU rapportblad ohe 9, 2002

A8276 Codanhus, KBM 2549 Synkroniseringer med referencekurver
21560019 21560029 2156m001
Finland, finpinus 2.74 2.67 3.06
Gotland, gotpinus 4.11 3.23 4.07
MK, Gravsten, stbpin01 4.95 2.10 4.57
Åland, aalpin01 3.79 3.07 4.67

KBM 2549x2 
131 år. (92 målte og 39 talte) 
1715-1806 (45) e.Kr., efter ca. 1845 e.Kr. 

KBM 2549x3 
103 år. 
1754-1856 e.Kr., efter 1856 e.Kr.

KBM 2549, prøve fra dybtliggende gange, kote -2
122 år.
Ikke dateret.

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English summary:

NNU report sheet ohe 9, 2002


Three samples of Pinus sp., pine were examined. Two of the samples were dated. It is not possible to determine, whether the samples have sapwood preserved. Only on the third sample (which is not dated) is it possible to follow the outermost tree-ring along the bark-edge, which thus can be interpreted as the last tree-ring the tree grew before it was felled.
On one of the samples (21560019), the last 39 tree-rings are not included in the calculations, as they are extremely narrow, and therefore impossible to measure accurately. The curves from the dated samples cross-match and are averaged to form a mean-curve of 142 tree-rings. The outermost measured tree-ring on sample 21560029 was formed in AD 1856. Because it is not possible to determine whether there is sapwood preserved on the examined samples, the felling date for the trees from which the samples come, is estimated to be after AD 1856.

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