Plant Macrofossil Laboratory

Archaeobotanical analyses at The National Museum
     The Plant Macrofossil Laboratory is part of the Department of Archaeology at the National Museum. The laboratory staff comprises one assistant curator on half time (Sabine Karg), a laboratory worker on half time (Jørgen Holm-Jensen) and, at present, a contract researcher (Peter Steen Henriksen) and a research assistant (Jan Andreas Harild). The laboratory has the task of carrying out analyses of botanical macrofossils found in archaeological contexts, within the National Museum’s legislated role as a central research facility. The work, which optimally includes planning and advisory work, fieldwork, analyses and the processing and publication of results, is carried out in collaboration with the country’s archaeological museums and institutions. These investigations provide the primary basis for research work in the laboratory.
What are botanical macrofossils and how are they analysed?
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