Dendrokronologisk Laboratorium

NNU rapport 37, 1999
betegnelse 0093001 0093002 0093003 0093005
0093001a * 9,41 8,66 9,18
0093002a 9,41 * 10,96 9,89
0093003a 8,66 10,96 * 8,53
0093005a 9,18 9,89 8,53 *
Tabel 1. Skema over synkroniseringsværdierne, internt

Fig 1. Dateringsdiagram, Tofta kirke, Gotland
LAND grundkurve betegnelse 0093M001
DANMARK Svendborg 4m000001 5,61
Øst DK 9m230001 3,89
Jylland 9m456781 4,73
TYSKLAND Slesvig-Holsten dm100003 2,69
Lübeck dm100008 2,86
Weser dm200004 3,63
Niedersachsen dm200005 3,21
POLEN Gdansk Pomern pm000004 4,20
Elblag pm000007 4,47
SVERIGE SV Skåne sm000001 6,00
Lund Skåne Blekinge sm000002 8,49
Skåne sm000004 4,39
Vestsverige sm000012 3,61
Ystad sm100003 3,91
Mellemsverige sm600001 2,99
Småland Øland sm600002 3,64
Tabel 2: Tofta kirke, Gotland. Skema over synkroniseringsværdierne mellem trækurve 0093M001 og diverse grundkurver fra Nord Europa.

figur 9 (malet 12) 
146 år, kun kerneved.
1165-1310 e.Kr., fældet efter ca. 1331 e.Kr. 

figur 5 (malet 10) 
132 år, kun kerneved.
1162-1293 e.Kr., fældet efter ca. 1331 e.Kr. 

figur 7 (malet 7) 
141 år, kun kerneved.
1168-1308 e.Kr., fældet efter ca. 1331 e.Kr. 

figur 2 (malet 2) 
83 år, kun kerneved.
Ikke dateret. 

figur 10 (malet 5) 
144 år, kun kerneved.
1163-1306 e.Kr., fældet efter ca. 1331 e.Kr. 

Tilbage til rapportsiden

NNU report 37, 1999

Alter piece, Tofta church, Gotland
Five figures of Quercus sp., oak were examined. Sapwood is not preserved on any of the figures. Four figures are dated. The figures are given the names 0093001A, 0093002A, 0093003A, 0093004A and 0093005A (see the table at the end of the report).

The analysis shows that four figures (0093001A, 0093002A, 0093003A and 0093005A) probably come from the same tree. The curves from these figures are averaged to one (0093M001) which represents the tree.

The curve is of 179 years and covers the period AD 1162-1310. Correcting for missing sapwood, the felling date for the tree, from which the figures are made, is estimated to after circa AD 1331.

Dendroprovenance ?
The tree curve 0093M001 cross-dates with master chronologies for oak from around the Baltic sea. The highest t-value appears with master chronologies from Lund/Skåne/Blekinge, southwest Sweden. It should be pointed out though that determination of provenance of a single tree is not reliable.

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