Dendrokronologisk Laboratorium

NNU rapportblad ohe 10, 2002

A8186 Snaregade/Naboløs, KBM 2224 - Synkroniseringer med referencekurver
B&W, København, 21014M02 5.87
Stralsund, DM400002 4.92
Gotland, gotpinus 5.40
MK, Gravsten, stbpin01 2.92

KBM 2224 
125 år, heraf 64 splintår - barkring. 
1617-1741 e.Kr., 1741/42 e.Kr.

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English summary:

NNU report sheet ohe 10, 2002


One sample of Pinus sp., pine was examined. The sample was dated. The sample has the bark-ring preserved - winter felling (64 sapwood-rings). The outermost preserved tree-ring on the sample was formed in AD 1741. The analysis shows, that the tree, from which the sample comes was felled in the winter of AD 1741/42.

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